Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Sleep all day, sleep all night 

All sleep and no play makes T a dull girl.

I've spent the last two days mostly in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, mostly waking up to eat and take medicine, read a bit of my book, watch a bit of a movie. The blinds are down and the heater is on- having lost concept of day and night, time is marked by when E goes out for work and when he comes back.

I had woken up with a croak yesterday morning and realized that I had lost my voice, so I had to call in to school to tell them I couldn't make it to work. I can barely breath, constantly blowing blobs of green sticky mucus out of my nose, my ears are clogged and my eyes teary.

Everything tastes like cardboard and I have no appetite but I know it's time to eat when I hear my stomach growling out loud, like a petulant child demanding a new toy. The only thing that satiates me now is pudding, so E went to the store and bought all kinds of pudding to put in our fridge.

I only have myself to blame. Having taken last Saturday off for Mel's BBQ, I dressed only in a cardigan and light jacket, thinking it would be warm enough by the pit. Needless to say, I was way underdressed for the chilly weather and my hands and feet were frozen by sunset.

E and I right before sunset

I made it through a full day of work on Sunday, but my voice was changing and my nose running a marathon. I went home, took some flu tablets and went to bed.

The next day, determined not to waste a public holiday, E and I decided head to Mount Takao to admire the autumn foliage in full bloom. We took a two-hour train ride to the foot of the mountain, but as we walked up the route, it started to drizzle. We soldiered on, figuring that the rain would stop but it only got heavier. 15 minutes later, we decided that it was wiser to go back down and seek shelter.

So much for our nature hike.

My gorgeous boy who makes my heart flutter

We hopped on the train to Roppongi instead, stopping for coffee at Koot's before going to Mori Art museum to see their latest installation of contemporary Indian art. We loved it. I will definitely miss the art exhibits in Tokyo when I am gone, another thing to add to my "Do I really want to leave Japan?" list. We ended the evening with dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant behind Roppongi Hills, feasting on Peking Duck and dumplings.

On the way home, I took a turn for the worse and could barely stand up straight. We took a taxi back from the station, even though it was just a 10 minute walk up the hill.

And so I've been sick ever since. And I just want to get well soon!

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