Wednesday, December 31, 2008
The open confessions of a shopaholic 

This is why winter/year-end sales are dangerous for me:

1. 70% of my things are packed into suitcases or boxes ready to be shipped home, which gives the illusion that I don't have anything to wear/use.

2. Everything is on a massive 30%-70% discount and even though it still costs a small fortune after being converted into Singapore dollars, I think of the savings I am making by buying it now during the sale.

3. Do I need another handbag? No. Do I deserve another handbag because I have worked hard the last year? Absolutely! I will obsess every waking moment and lose sleep over it, and if this beautiful creation of God should go to a less deserving woman, I will cry myself a river.

4. Because I am leaving Japan in a month and I might never step into this store or find anything I like as much as this! But of course this repeats itself every other store, because Japan is a shopping haven that will make a shopaholic weep with joy.

5. It's my Christmas/New Year's/birthday present for myself. Or it could be your Christmas/birthday present for me, because you love me very much and want me to be happy.

Now excuse me while I put my shopping bags away.

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