Monday, January 26, 2009
Happy Chinese New Year 

Taken at home in Singapore

The eve of Chinese New Year is a time for spring-cleaning, which is an act of catharsis.

With a lot of help from E, we cleaned up the little room that my mum had prepared for us and unpacked our 70 kg of luggage. And then we sorted out the boxes upon boxes of things I had left behind in Singapore- clothes, bags, books, CDs and other random keepsakes and I pretty much decided that I didn't really need any of it anymore so I told my mum to give them away to charity.

It's amazing how many possessions one can accumulate in a lifetime. How much we convince ourselves we need to improve the quality of our lives, how much we waste, how much excess we live with.

My resolution for this new year shall be "Less is more". And "Finish what you have started".

Ad is back from NY after being gone for 3 years, and she has articulated exactly how I feel in her latest blog entry. We are best friends after all.

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