Monday, May 4, 2009
That's what friends are for. 

Rory: Okay you've got to stop doing this.

Paris: What happened? Harvard was my destiny! I was flipping through Harvard class schedules while you watched the adventures of Gumby and Pokey.

Rory: I was more of a Pee Wee Herman kind of gal.

Paris: It's all my parents' fault. My parents didn't brand me properly. I should've been at the 92nd Street Y or Brick Church.

Rory: Prep schools?

Paris: Preschools, it decides everything. But I'm not totally blameless. I found this spot in my interview that I'm sure doomed me. (plays recorded interview)

Rory: I hate that you're torturing yourself like this. In bed like this.

Paris: Proust wrote all 3,000 pages of In Search of Lost Time in bed. If it's good enough for him...

Rory: Hey, bed is not a life plan. And you, my friend, need a life plan. So here it is: Tell your parents about Harvard. You need to start taking calls, check the mail, so you can see the other millions of universities that have no doubt accepted you, and that that are probably dying to be in the Paris Geller business. You need to call your boyfriend back 'cause he'll be worried about you and none of this is his fault. And you need to start by getting the hell out of bed!

Paris: There's no alternative to Harvard!

Rory: Except Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Sarah Lawrence, et cetera et cetera...

Paris: Well, maybe you're right.

Rory: I'm unquestionably right.

I can watch Gilmore Girls a hundred times over and still find something new everytime.

And tonight I am glad for the company of my bestest friends in the world, talking about the things that matter, reaffirming each other of our life decisions.

I love you both so much.

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