Friday, May 1, 2009
What garden do you come from? 

"Bumbro bumbro" from Mission Kashmir

I'm a not-so-closet Bollywood fan.

Which is why I was really thrilled to know that there is a cinema dedicated to screening Bollywood movies in Singapore, about 15 minutes walk from my office.

I am tempted to declare every Thursday "Bollywood Night" and drag a different friend down each week to catch a film. Bollywood is the new Hollywood, darling!

Tonight it was Firaaq, based on "a thousand true stories" set in Gujarati after the Hindu-Muslim riots- the story unfolds compellingly and the plot reminiscent of Amores Perros and Babel. The boy who starred as orphan boy Mohsin stole every sceen he was in and broke my heart a dozen times.

Here's a trailer to whet your appetite-

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