Tuesday, August 25, 2009
backwards and forwards with my heart hanging out 

Sometimes, you just have to live a little.

Be completely lost on your way home and wander the streets for an hour. Get your heart broken but learn to forgive. Count your pennies because money doesn't fall from the sky. Make new friends at school and speak up in class. Learn a new recipe every week. Enjoy your own company. Remind yourself you are not a quitter and there are better days to come.

I guess I was too hard on myself, but things are slowly falling into place and I'm learning to let go a little.

In other news, E decided to initiate me into AFL on Sunday by taking me to watch Collingwood Magpies vs Sydney Swans at the MCG. It was a lot of fun, but I'm not quite sure I was converted.

It was exceptionally sunny for winter, and it was a good thing I had my sunnies in my bag.

And because I couldn't resist talking to the two boys sitting behind me-

Me: What's your name?
Younger boy: (smiles)
Older boy: He doesn't know his name. But I know his name.
Me: Aww, he's just shy! Tell me what's his name then.
Older boy: His name is Haps, but we call him Happy.
Me: And what about you?
Older boy: My name is Lachlan.
Me: Can I call you Locky?
Older boy: Yeah you can call me Locky.

I find myself terrorizing little children a lot these days, a by-product of the Dip Ed course I'm doing now.

Me: It's really hot today!
Locky: Yeah it's really really hot. It's so hot that I think I will burn my skin.
Me: Oh, you'll be alright! You have long sleeves on.
Locky: That's right. (pause) But miss, you don't have long sleeves on.
Me: I know! I hope I don't burn my skin.
Locky: (reaches over to grab my winter coat and wraps it across my arms) If you do this, your arms will be okay.
Me: That's a great idea! I'll be very careful not to move my arms too much so I don't get any sun on it.

I absolutely cannot wait till I start my Teaching Practicuum in October and get to work with children.

And I apologize for not having written for a long time- I was busy with house-hunting, moving homes, starting school, finding a job... all I read and write these days are things for school, which is boring, I know, but I happen to love my course, thank you very much. ;)

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