Sunday, August 30, 2009
somewhere along the line
we lost our horizon 

Taken at Prahan Market, Melbourne

The last time I laid my eyes upon you
You were blowing kissess and I was waiting in the car
Something had died yet everything kept turning around
Don't even know where you are

Somewhere alone the line we lost our horizon
I've been looking round up and down to no avail
And someday I hope to find the horizon
I've been all around the world and nothing is clear

- "Horizon" by Rachel Yamagata

It's been one of those rollercoaster weekends, when you find yourself going through an entire spectrum of emotions and trying to figure out what the sensible thing to do is.

"Cupcakes will solve everything," EP reminded me as I was hopping on the tram to meet him in the city. I was already late, and it was raining up a storm, almost blowing my umbrella away.

We wandered around the Prahan market and he brought me to the famous cupcakes store and bought me a chocolate party cupcake. It was really good, and I wished I could put it in a box and ship it home to Casey or my sister.

I am thankful for the people around me who keep me company, who keep me going even when I am perchance at the most uncertain period of my life.

"I will not hear any more of this," A told me as we were walking along from Study Hall to his dorm room, after I confided in him that I was toying with the idea of going home. "You are doing great in school, and what you will get out of this course is worth far more than the pain you are experiencing now. It would be an absolute shame if you quit!"

I had to agree. It just doesn't make sense to give up now when I have so many possibilities awaiting me at the end of my year here.

I just have to suck it up, stay positive and keep moving forward.

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