Thursday, September 10, 2009
I've got you under my skin 

"... wealth does not involve having many things. It involves having what we long for. Wealth is not an absolute. It is relative to desire. Everytime we seek something we cannot afford, we grow poorer, whatever our resources. And everytime we feel satisfied with what we have, we can be counted as rich, however little we may actually own."

- An excerpt from "Status Anxiety" by Alain De Botton

"I don't know, it just feels like you're a part of Melbourne," Juls remarked as we sat ourselves down at the famous creperie on DeGraves Street.

It was his 29th birthday and because everyone else was at work, I offered to take him out. Even though he's from Melbourne and I'm the international student.

"What do you mean, is it because I blend into the walls?" I replied playfully.

"Yes, that too... It's just, it doesn't seem like you've only been here 2 months! It's like you've always been here. You seem to know your way around."

I took it as a compliment.

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