Monday, November 2, 2009
You put my feet back on the ground 

He called on Miss Mitchell who walked with a wooden stick. "What a memory?" he asked.
"Something that makes you laugh, my darling, something that makes you laugh."

- From the book "Wilfred Gordon Mcdonald Partridge" by Mem Fox

It started out as the most uneventful of Saturdays, but you have your way of turning mundane activities into precious memories, and I am happy just to be with you.

We sat in the sun and studied together, you saved the mug I liked to serve me coffee in. We were in your backyard and decided to jump on the trampoline just because we could. We hopped into your car and drove to the petrol station to get icy poles. We went to the Greek fish and chippery and got ourselves a take-out pack, because it was just one of those days.

In 2 weeks it would be 2 years from when we first met. :)

What I really need now is a haircut.

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