Monday, February 15, 2010
Be my Valentine 

Something I have taken after my mum is the constant need to be busy- so much that it has almost become some sort of obsession to always be on the go and doing something.

This Sunday was just UNBELIEVABLE. It was the first day of Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, the St Kilda Music Festival and we had gotten tickets to watch Shakespeare in the Park (after it rained on us on New Year's Eve).

The kiasu couple we are and determined to pack everything in, we got our Chinese New Year festivities over and done with by Saturday so that we could have Sunday free. My highlight was definitely receiving a red packet from E's mum wishing me Happy New Year in Chinese- it was a very tender moment!

After being out and about all weekend, I am completely exhausted today.

I should mention that we stopped by a random cafe that was a shrine to monkeys- there were framed photos of monkeys, orangutan adoption certificates, stuffed monkeys, monkey paintings and picture books and other memorabilia.

The owner was a rather interesting lady who was having an intense conversation with the customers next to us about legalizing euthanasia, while the guy behind E announced that he had just done "three years in Australia, two years in Peru" and that everything here tasted bland to him.

But really, it was just a great place to cool down from the unrelenting summer heat.

Edgar meine liebe, it's Happy Valentine's with you everyday!

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