Monday, March 1, 2010
Goodbye summer 

Goodbye summer, you were the best I ever had!

I set myself a few goals over the summer- to get an awesome summer job and save money for my second semester in uni (tick), to see more of country Victoria (tick), to learn how to ride a bicycle (tick) and to get braces (TICK)!

The only thing I didn't manage to do was to pass my learner's- I had to postpone my test because I didn't want to give up a day's wages to sit for it, but I forgot the second time round and forfeited my chance. What a waste of $45... And now that semester has started I can't really afford the time to study or take the test. That's my excuse anyways.

I'm reluctant to see summer go... I had grown to love being out in the sun and my tan is the best proof! I loved seeing myself turning darker and darker like a chocolate muffin in the oven, hehehe. :P

Time to pack my summer clothes away and bring out my sleeves, knits and scarves!

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