Monday, March 15, 2010
I am on the outside of truth,
And I'm looking in at you 

Taken at a windmill farm in Gippsland, Victoria

I'm running out of time.

Faced with what seems like never-ending deadlines, I struggle to find motivation and meaning in keeping up, despite the fact that I really only have 3 more weeks of lectures and 5 weeks of teaching rounds. Some days are much harder than the rest.

I need to maintain my grades in hope that I'd be offered a job upon graduation, and I need to find a job in order that I can continue to stay here, and I need to stay because... I wish I could write with clarity and conviction, but I don't always have the answers.

I feel like I'm fighting this battle alone, and I need you not to brush me aside with a cursory answer. I need you to be here, and I need you to understand why I feel the way I feel.

Hoping this will pass.

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