Wednesday, April 21, 2010
So long, La Trobe! 

As much as I hate saying goodbye, I should really get used to it since I move around so much.

I remember writing about being sad to leave Japan, and about leaving Singapore again, and more than a year has flown by and I'm about to complete a postgraduate course in Australia. I have a Freudian addiction to farewells.

Meg and I counted the actual days we've had lessons on campus for the entire course, and it totalled about 50 days. 50 days of lectures and workshops to qualify us as primary classroom teachers. It seems highly inadequate when you think of it in absolute terms, but I've also been challenged and inspired by many of the lecturers and my coursemates and definitely grew a lot in terms of my pedagogy, curriculum planning and behaviour management.

Today was the last day of uni and I was a little disappointed that half of the group didn't turn up because it would have been nice to say a proper goodbye to everyone and wish them luck on the practicum.

A few of us adjourned to the Agora for coffee and talked about the course and what we were going to do after this, but it seems we're all waiting to see what happens next. It just felt like an anti-climax after the very intense year we've had!

So long, La Trobe!

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