Tuesday, May 18, 2010
The Big Issue 

Since the start of this year, I've made it a point to buy the Big Issue from vendors in the city.

The articles in the magazine are intelligent and informative, but more importantly it's nice to know that half of the money I pay goes directly into the vendors' pocket and helps them to help themselves.

Here's a blurb about how the Big Issue works-
The Big Issue Street Magazine Enterprise is a unique business solution to a social problem; using the publishing model to produce a quality product, the sale of which provides opportunities for homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people to make positive changes in their lives.
Authorised vendors buy the magazine for $2.50 from The Big Issue and sell it on the streets for $5, keeping the difference.
Since its launch in 1996, The Big Issue vendors in Australia have sold over 5 million magazines, with almost $10 million going into the pockets of Australia's homeless and unemployed.

I occasionally watch the vendors in action and it's interesting to see how a lot of people just rush past and act like they haven't noticed them. If you meet one today, why not stop and buy a copy from them? It would make their day and I assure you the magazine won't disappoint!

Find out more about the Big Issue here!

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