Saturday, June 26, 2010
exciting and new to say 

It started with the loss of my sudoku mojo.

Strange but true- I simply woke up one morning and realized I couldn't play Sudoku anymore. I tried samurai sudoku, failed. Then the novice one in The Age, failed. And then the one on E's iPhone, failed. My sudoku mojo had surreptitiously abandoned me, and the numbers that used to make perfect sense and logic to me swirled around in my brain and went poof in a cloud of pink.

It must have been some kind of cosmic foreboding, because everything started going wrong after that.

I don't want to do go into details, nor do I wish to dwell on the negative. Life is all about learning your lessons and moving forward.

I was drowning in paperwork, trying to cut through red tape at every turn. Fingerprint impressions, police checks from three countries, teaching registration, online portfolio, statutory declarations, official documents, and endless phone calls and e-mails. So much for being done with my practicum because the real crunch begins now.

But I think I am in a good place now. I got a part-time job teaching high school maths and science back at the school I taught at over the summer, E and I are making plans for the near future and we are finally going to Sydney! Time to find out if I have been living in the wrong city all these while (according to Locky ;)).

I hope everyone is well. Us and our cameras and our wanderlust and random encounters and late nights in a strange city, I can hardly wait! :)

It's sincere and subjective all over the world
Superficial and true all over the world
Easy and predictable all over the world
Exciting and new to say  I want you
- "All over the world " by The Pet Shop Boys

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