Tuesday, August 31, 2010
The longest river in the world 

... and I can't cross over it.
"No, I won't go away. I won't leave you in this state."
"What state, this isn't a state, this is how I am, I want to be alone, don't you understand? Alone, alone, alone, alone, alone!"
"To do what, then?"
"Nothing! To do nothing, nothing at all!"
"Then write! Or make a collage, a movie, a song, do something with all that, at least it'll have been some use."
"You're driving me crazy with your enthusiasm, you always see the good side of things, I don't have a good side, that's what you can't seem to grasp. I want to be alone, to wait for nothing, hope for nothing, sleep eat hibernate, not to think, not to reflect, play Super Mario world on my computer, read old Elle magazines, novels I know by heart, keep underlining the same sentences, watch tv, drink milk, eat bread dipped in tea, and dance, dance by myself because I can't in front of others, not to cry, not to laugh, to get massaged, to be carressed, without reciprocating, inert, as inert as possible under the fngers of the masseuse who I pay for the luxury, snore, fall asleep!"
- An excerpt from "Nothing Serious" by Justine Levy
But even when the sky is falling and you're not here to hold it up anymore, that's what friends are for- a shoulder to cry on, a place of refuge and a voice of reason.

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