Monday, August 23, 2010
You've got my back 

I'm not scared if you're not scared
I'll take this fear drop it off the bridge
Let it fall to the water
The water by the docks

In the heart of the city the grey big bridge
The bridge on the water, wheels on the bridge
Driving out to where the sky meets the water
And the water meets the rocks

You've got my back
I've got your back
There's a pelican
There's a pelican
Flying into the shore
He opens his wings
And his wing just carries him

When I was a kid I would freeze up 
Standing on the diving board
I can't go back I must give way 
To gravity, gravity, gravity

Repeat chorus

I'm so happy
I'm so happy to see you again
The rains and puddles and the birds are singing 
And swimming in them

They're singing if you let them go
The wind will carry it so just let go, let go
If you let go the wind will carry it
So just let go, just let go

If you go back the way you started
You never know, you never know
The wind is up and the voice is calling
Here we are, here we are

- "Pelican" by Hello Satellites

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