Saturday, March 31, 2007
Next stop: Tokyo 

All Good Things by Nelly Furtado

Hong Kong changed my world.

I went there with my agenda but came back with a completely different perspective.

The sickness was one thing, bearing the brunt of bitchy politics from insecure and immature female colleagues was another, not to mention falling head over heels in love. Travelling on my own for the first time, navigating the unfamiliar streets in a foreign land without a map or speaking their language, calling my friends in Singapore to gush and then to cry.

It was a liberating experience, but emotional in so many ways.

It has been almost two weeks since I came back but I have yet to settle back in. I haven't even fully unpack my suitcase from Hong Kong and I have to start packing for Tokyo today because I work Sunday - Thursday and then fly off.

In between trying to figure out what I want to do with the situation I landed myself in and with the rest of my life, I was promoted to being an Associate in my department. Only 2 were selected in the Singapore and Hong Kong region, which also means a lot of work shared between us. We take a product to specialize in and work on building a knowledge base for that product and QC inquiries related to the product. We head focus groups and constantly brainstorm and contribute ideas on how to improve the desk. We also train our colleagues on new functions and enhancements and go out to conduct client trainings.

I clock in at 7 am and end up staying back till 6-7 everyday.

I am not afraid of hard work and enjoy taking on more responsibilities, but when your mind is constantly occupied with something else it just makes everything a chore. I realized that while I no longer feel tired, neither do I feel alive, and I blame it on Hong Kong and late nights on Skype with someone.

With him I feel like we constantly move in circles and end up where we started, but I haven't felt this sure or this right with anyone for the longest time. Talking it out a million times over does not help, being there with him would.

One week to Tokyo. I am thankful the Peter is picking me up from the airport or I will certainly be lost in translation and end up in Chiba instead of Baba, hah! And excited to hang out with my girls and the gang from work.

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