Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's 18 degrees and freezing, but you tighten the scarf around your neck, shove your hands into your pockets and convince yourself it's not cold. You walk in the light rain, trembling uncontrollably but try to remember what the scorching sun felt like in the peak of summer and quicken your pace home.

You clean up the entire apartment and keep it spick and span, adding a personal touch to the place so that it becomes your own. You fill up your social calender with people to meet and things to do because an idle mind is the devil's playground. You go out and have fun, eat well, read as much as you can- you know deserve happiness as much as anyone else.

You refuse to grovel, beg or strive for his affection anymore, because in retrospect and growing wisdom you realize he is nothing but a series of sweet talk, carefully constructed lies, empty promises and false hopes.

He was an addiction you have to quit, and after the withdrawal period you know you will be more than just okay.

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