Friday, November 16, 2007
Onward, soldier! 

Onward, soldier!

After two weeks of zero motivation, things are finally looking up.

* A student who put in a praise form commending my professionalism and eagerness to teach.
* A friend who said his colleague from Nissan told him I was the best teacher he's had.
* My manager who took a demo lesson from me and said she was pleased and impressed.

Recently I've been exhausted from working odd shifts and having no real weekends to speak off, giving in to self-doubts and wondering where I should go from here.

Before I went to bed last night, I stared into the darkness and the faces of my students flashed before me. Students who look forward to coming to class and are genuinely appreciative of my efforts, students who opened up themselves to me, students who have shared with me so much of their culture, history and background... And I chided myself, "Who am I to say this job is beneath me?"

Changing the world 40 minutes at a time, as Blair always jokes. But it's not such a lofty ambition, is it?

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