Monday, December 24, 2007
Merry Christmas 

What does Christmas mean to you?

In the land of Hello Kitty and samurais, the merriment peaks on the eve- gifts are exchanged, dinner parties are held and people feast on the customary chicken, cake and cocktail.

"We're not Christians," I've heard them assert repeatedly in class, and in school we are made to teach the kids about Santa Claus, reindeer and stockings.

I was horrified that my students thought that Christmas was on the 24th, until I reminded myself that the 25th was merely a date set by man to commemorate the birth of our Saviour.

What's in a date? I pray that we all remember the Reason for the season and really, Christmas should live in our hearts everyday.

I remember last year I was invited to celebrate the occasion with Ahred's lovely family, and this year will be my first festive season away from home, heightened by my first winter experience. I have had many firsts here.

Perchance it is easiest to be emotional in a time like this. I couldn't help but cry when I said goodbye to P in his apartment last Friday. He's always been in Tokyo (just like how Mr. Big was always a part of New York for Carrie) and he'd be back from Boston by the new year, but it's just not the same without him here. I don't expect anyone to understand but we've experienced enough drama for a year and it's a new start for us both.

And I find myself suddenly so very homesick. There's the magic of the Internet that is supposed to erase the distance that stands between me and my family and friends, but it can't compare to being there in person and talking over a cup of kopi gao. Right now, home just feels too far away.

Please don't worry about me- being here is a personal decision and a dream come true and I look forward to many more adventures in the new year to come! I hope that as each of you look back on the year that passed, you can give thanks for the good and the bad and may your hearts be filled with hope for what's to come!

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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