Friday, September 5, 2008
More and maybe 

Maybe it's a case of having many talents, or maybe it's just a sign of restlessness, but I feel like there are half a dozen things I want to achieve at once.

I want to work more on my photography, I want to study design, I want to take my Japanese more seriously (as hard as E has been trying to drill grammar rules into my head at any given chance), I want to go back to Southeast Asia to work with the children (it's wonderful that Sothea and Touch have been e-mailing me regularly from Cambodia), I want to learn more recipes, I want to read more books, I want to travel more, I want to save more money...

More, more, more- where did Contentment go?

Yesterday I had a perfect day with E- I made us both dress up for our date in town. 

After going with me to Ikebukuro to run an errand, we had lunch at my favourite cafe Macchinesti in Azabu-Juban, and we walked to the Mori building in Roppongi and saw a modern French art exhibition and the Tokyo city view. 

After that, we walked over to Tokyo Mid-town and saw a old photo exhibition at the Fuji-Xerox gallery, followed by coffee at Dean & Deluca. 

Next, we decided to head back to Roppongi Hills to get movie tickets for Sex and the City (finally!) and went to the huge Tsutaya design bookstore to read. It ended with the most amazing Peking duck meal in a chingy Chinese restaurant in one of the back alleys, and we were both extremely satisfied although we had to wait almost an hour for the dish.

Mel and I have been waiting for the movie all summer, but I will keeps my lips sealed lest she kills me for ruining it for her.

Looks like a beautiful day out today, and E and I are going to try to teach me cycling in Yokohama. Wish me luck! 

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