Monday, September 14, 2009
Quiet is the new loud 

It's been a long and crazy weekend.

With celebrating Jules' birthday twice, meeting heaps of new people, a failed attempt to make mushroom risotto, starting my new job, enjoying the first signs of spring weather, having amazing food, I am now trying to focus on the tons of assignments I have on hand.

I am on a 3-week mid-semester break but I suspect most of it would be spent trying to make sure I don't fall behind in school,and hopefully studying for my basic learner's.

After spending 6 months in a leaky boat, I am happy to say that things are finally looking up.

That's the thing about dating your best friend, you don't keep secrets from each other and you never hold back.

It was a sunny afternoon today, and we sat at the beach-front cafe in St. Kilda overlooking the beach, sharing a rich warm chocolate cake with our long blacks. It reminded me of Marina Beach in Chennai, minus the gawking Indians.

"You know how when I first got to know you, I never really thought we would end up going out. But do you remember when Casey came to visit me in Tokyo and we took them to this okonomiyaki place?"

He nodded.

"When we sat there scraping the burnt bits off the hot plate together and fighting over who got to eat them, that was the first time I thought we could be something. "

He laughed and confessed, "I guess you kinda grew on me as well..."

"Like mould on stale bread right? That could be the first line of your romantic poem to me. You grew on me like mould on stale bread..."

This song sums up how we feel right now-

"Stuff and Nonsense" by Neil Finn and friends

"But I've got no secrets that I babble in my sleep
I won't make promises to you that I can't keep..."

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