Friday, September 25, 2009
Remember this September 

I can't even tell you the myriad of thoughts that goes through of my head when I watch this-

But I think of P and how he loved going to arcades, I think of Mel and the cafes we visited and the shops we frequented, I think of Jo and our tiny apartment in Baba, I think of the hours and hours spent on the trains and the jingles for the different stations on the Yamanote line, I think of how E and I spent a lot of time hanging out around Shibuya when we were just friends because it was where our train lines intersect, I think of the neon lights and shrieking Japanese voices and insane crowds and crazy antics, of the drunken salarymen in the streets, I think of all the people who visited during my time there and the places I took them, of my time in the big city and day trips to small towns... it went by in a flash.

Life goes by pretty quickly if you don't stop and reflect.

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