Sunday, May 16, 2010
I'll be my own best friend 

Swirly clouds at Lake Wartook, The Grampians

It's funny how I am so used to blogging that when I'm not updating my blog, I sometimes replay my day as how I would have written it out when I'm in bed or having some quiet time. (Nerd alert!)

I wish my thoughts could magically transpose themselves onto the web with moving images and sounds so that you can all know what I'm up to, but technology has not caught up with me yet!

So I managed to run full steam for about 2 weeks before my body succumbed, partly from stress and overwork and partly from the sudden dip in temperature. I came down with a coughing fit (although not as bad as the time in Tokyo I was sick for 2 entire weeks) and a terrible sore throat and had to call in sick to my practicum school 2 days in a row. All my body needed was complete bed rest and I am feeling much better now!

Apart from that, I've been doing some serious soul searching about what to do after I graduate but I think I'll be able to make a much better decision once my current state of busy-ness dies down. I reckon a pro-con list a la Rory from Gilmore Girls is in order.

In the meantime, Mellie is relocating to Singapore with Mamo and Jo is heading home as well, which makes for a very strong case to me being back, but there are so many variables at play. Life is a lot less complicated in the absence of choice.

I promise my life will be a lot more exciting in 2-3 weeks time!

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