Thursday, October 25, 2007
Let it die 

I haven't quit fallen off the face of the earth yet. Like Miss Aw, I have been trying to reclaim my life.

Once you overcome the fear of not having him around you, the deafening silence of an empty apartment, you learn to enjoy the solitude and freedom to do whatever you like at whatever time of the day. The luxury of fully unpacking and filling up a gigantic wardrobe with your clothes, bags and shoes.

In the span of the last week, I've gone out and met about a dozen new people, learnt how to cook some simple dishes, got my hair professionally-dyed to orangey-brown, gone shopping for more autumn wear, bought my first pair of killer leather boots, finished two Haruki Murakami novels and kept my room clean.

Maybe it's nostalgia, maybe it's the need to escape from this crazy city, but I find myself missing Hong Kong a lot lately, even more than I miss home.

When I think about how everything began that fateful night in Hei Hei and the wonderful memories we shared, it leaves a bittersweet aftertaste. Jeff told me that the club recently folded, and the irony of the situation didn't escape me.

It's not just a coincidence, is it?

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